Why Evidence-Based Programs?

Why Evidence-Based Programs?

Evidence-based programs are structured workshops and classes that have been proven through research to provide positive benefits for the people who participate in them. The have become a standard in many facets of healthcare, and social programming because they have been shown to have a difference in peoples’ lives.

At ECC, we have staff who are trained to offer workshops and to train lay-leaders in several evidence-based programs. Currently, two staff are conducting a Chronic Pain Self Management workshop in Pamlico county to help participants understand pain and learn tools to help manage life around their condition, rather than letting their condition rule their lives. Tools include physical activity, healthy eating, getting better sleep, using the mind, communication, understanding emotions, decision-making, problem-solving, action-planning, and others that help break the vicious symptom cycle around chronic pain.

Staff also train “lay-leaders” to facilitate the workshops in the community.

Other evidence-based programs offered by ECC staff include:

  • Chronic Disease Self Management (managing life with a chronic condition)
  • Diabetes Self Management (managing life with diabetes)
  • A Matter of Balance (for people who have concerns about falling)
  • Powerful Tools for Caregivers (helps caregivers learn to take care of themselves as the care for others)

ECC staff will be offering leader training coming up:

  • A Matter of Balance Coach training – October 24-25 (call for information and registration materials – cost: $75)
  • CDSMP Leader training – November 7, 8, 14, and 15 (call for information and registration materials – cost: $150)

Contact Andi Reese at ECC for more information

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