Down East Rural Planning Organization

DERPO Committees

The RPO is organized into two committess, the Transportation Adivosory Committee (TAC) and the Technical Coordinating Comminttee (TCC).

Transportation Advisory Committee

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is the official board that governs the RPO. The TAC is comprised of one county commissioner and one municipal elected official for each participating county along with one NCDOT Board Member. Each member is appointed on an annual basis.

TAC Members




Carteret County Commissioner Robin Comer
Carteret County Municipal  Eddie Barber  Vice Chairman
Craven County Commissioner Johnnie Sampson
Craven County Municipal  Chad Braxton
Jones County Commissioner Joe Wiggins
Jones County Municipal
Onslow County Commissioner
Onslow County Municipal
Pamlico County Commissioner  Christine Mele  Chairman
Pamlico County Municipal
NCDOT Board of Transportation Hugh Overholt

For the complete TAC roster including contact information and alternates click here.

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