ECC-AAA Family Caregiver Support Program Providers Receive a Gift

Eastern Carolina Council Pet Therapy

ECC-AAA Family Caregiver Support Program Providers Receive a Gift

ECC-AAA met with the Family Caregiver Specialists throughout the region in October to present them with a gift in honor of National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month (November 2019.) ECC-AAA provided each county provider with a “Joy for All Companion Pet” to assist caregivers to calm their loved one’s anxiety, improve communication, increase social engagement, decrease loneliness, and provide a better quality of life! Providers who received their Companion Pet will be educating caregivers and professionals on the benefits of a Joy for All Companion Pet which will provide them a new technological tool to assist in their day to day caregiving role.

A Joy for All Companion Pet has the possibility to help in the following ways:

  • Delivers an innovative approach that increases meaningful interactions between care recipients and family members
  • Facilitate intergenerational connection
  • Stimulate conversation and communication in withdrawn individuals
  • Calms anxiety and sooths those who are agitated
    • Increase quality of life for those with dementia or who are socially isolated
    • Can improve behavior without the use of drugs
















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