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Major STIP Projects

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: US 70/I-42 James City Improvements (U-5713, R-5777A, R-5777B)

Construction is underway to improve traffic on a 5.1-mile stretch of U.S. 70 from east of Thurman Road to the Neuse River Bridge in James City.

Work is expected​ to eliminate the existing signalized intersections on U.S. 70 at Williams Road, Airport Road, Grantham Road, Taberna Way and Thurman Road in James City by taking U.S. 70 over these side roads and providing access via ramps.

This is a design-build project, which means the contractor is teamed up with a design firm to assist in the design of the project. This method allows innovation and a reduced schedule since the designer and contractor are working hand-in-hand, and while construction is under way on some sections of the highway, design work is continuing for other sections.

The project is among several to improve the U.S. 70 Corridor – one of the primary east-west corridors across eastern North Carolina.

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Project Timeline

NCDOT Project website

U.S. 70 Improvements in James City Public Meeting Map - East of Thurman Road Interchange to West of Thurman Road

U.S. 70 Improvements in James City Public Meeting Map - Taberna Way Interchange to Grantham Road Interchange

U.S. 70 Improvements in James City Public Meeting Map - East of Airport Road Interchange to West of Williams Road

PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING: U.S. 70/I-42 Improvements – Havelock Bypass to James City (R-5777C)

Planning and development are underway to upgrade U.S. 70 to interstate standards from the Havelock Bypass to east of Thurman Road in Craven County. ​​This project is one of several the N.C. Department of Transportation is working on to improve the U.S. 70 Corridor​, with the intent to:
  • Improve regional mobility
  • Assist economic development in primarily rural areas of eastern North Carolina
  • Provide a closer interstate connection to the Port of Morehead City
  • Benefit military interconnectivity
  • Make the corridor safer by reducing intersections

Project Cost

Project Timeline

NCDOT Project website

Preferred Alternative Preliminary Roadway Design Maps

NC 24 Corridor Study

In order to improve transportation connections between Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune and the Port of Morehead City, a scoping report was undertaken by NCDOT to study improvements to North Carolina Highway 24 between Swansboro and Morehead City. The preferred alternative is to upgrade the corridor to a superstreet configuration. The existing center dual left-turn lane would be converted into a median with dedicated left-turns and U-turn bulbouts. The intersection of NC 24 and NC 58 in Cedar Point/Cape Carteret would be upgraded to an interchange. These upgrades would significantly improve safety and traffic flow along the corridor.

NC 24 Corridor Study Scoping Report

NC 24 Corridor Study Environmental Maps

NC 24 Corridor Study Conceptual Designs


Other Project Information


Current Construction Report

Carbon Reduction Program

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: US 70/I-42 Havelock Bypass (R-1015)

Construction is underway to build a bypass on the southwest side of Havelock and U.S. 70 beginning north of the Havelock city limit and extending south approximately 10 miles to just south of the Craven-Carteret County line.

The Havelock Bypass will be a four-lane, median-divided highway that will provide a high-speed alternative to using U.S. 70 through Havelock, which is hampered by numerous traffic signals at intersecting side streets.

The roadway will help improve traffic and freight movement along the U.S. 70 Corridor – a major connection from the Morehead City Port to Raleigh – and assist economic development in eastern North Carolina’s rural areas. This corridor is the future Interstate 42.

Project Cost

Project Timeline

COMPLETE: Harkers Island Bridge Replacement (B-4863)

The N.C. Department of Transportation replaced the Earl C. Davis Memorial Bridge (Bridge No. 73) and Bridge No. 96 – both of which connect the town of Straits on the mainland to Harkers Island, with a new structure.​ The bridge opened to the public on December 8, 2023.

The bridges were each more than 50 years old and were due for replacement. Replacing the bridges provides better access to and from the island in emergencies and during hurricane evacuations.

The new bridge is primarily made of carbon-fiber and glass-fiber reinforcement, making it the first structure in the state to use the material. The material is used to combat corrosion in coastal environments, which will mean the bridge will require less maintenance.​

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PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING: US 70/I-42 Kinston Bypass (​R-2553)

The proposed Kinston Bypass would be a four-lane, median-divided freeway (accessible via ramps at interchanges) that extends approximately 21 miles from U.S. 70 near La Grange (in Lenoir County) to U.S. 70 near Dover (on the Jones-Craven County line).

The project has a design speed of 70 mph and, when complete, would help reduce traffic congestion and delays that currently exist along U.S. 70 in Lenoir, Jones, and Craven counties.​

The N.C. Department of Transportation selected Alternative 1SB as the Preferred Alternative, for the future bypass.

Project Cost

Project Timeline


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Director, Down East Rural Planning Organization

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