Elder Abuse Awareness Events Across the Region

Elder Abuse Awareness Events Across the Region

June 15th is designated as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. North Carolina recognizes the period from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day each year as Elder Abuse Awareness Month. Various events and education campaigns are held throughout the region during the months of May and June. The goal of the Elder Abuse Awareness Events is to educate the community on what constitutes as elder abuse, how to prevent this abuse, who to report allegations of abuse to, and to provide national and state statistics on abuse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-PRXAdbkZg

This year, Eastern Carolina Council Area Agency on Aging (ECCAAA) employees January Brown, Angelia Pridgen, and Colby Smith spoke alongside Myra Harris, ECC Intern, to elementary school students at Pamlico Christian Academy on “Honoring Our Elders.” The students were taught ways to honor their grandparents, their neighbors, and any older adult in the community. Angelia Pridgen shared a message with the students that God calls us to love everyone in every stage of life. Students can honor older adults by spending time with them, using manners when speaking to older adults, and by listening to stories about their lives. After the lesson, students were given the opportunity to make cards for the residents of Grantsbrook Nursing and Rehab. ECCAAA staff delivered the cards to the delighted nursing home residents.

Duplin County held two separate events highlighting Elder Abuse Awareness. ECCAAA employees January Brown, Angelia Pridgen, Colby Smith, Kim Baker, and Karen Cooper participated in the Elder Abuse Awareness Walk and Senior Fun Day on May 4, 2022. Participants began the day walking a designated route lined with elder abuse facts and statistics to bring awareness to elder abuse. The participants spent the day enjoying activities, music, dancing, and a great meal hosted by the Duplin Services for the Aged. On June 15, 2022, January Brown, Heather O’Connor, and Duplin Services for the Aged held a Caregiver Workshop and Dementia Live simulation. The event focused on understanding dementia, getting resources and support to prevent caregiver burnout which has the potential to lead to elder abuse. https://www.facebook.com/january.brown1/videos/1091379188130472

This year, ECCAAA employees Leighann Morgan and Angelia Pridgen participated in the Lenoir County Council on Aging’s Elder Abuse Awareness Walk on June 15, 2022, at Pearson Park in Kinston. There were over fifty people in attendance. The guest speaker was Jeff Harrison, Director of Lenoir County Department of Social Services who discussed the impacts of elder abuse on our most vulnerable citizens and how to prevent, stop, and report abuse and exploitation. The Rock Creation Therapy Band from Caswell Center gave an incredible performance.


Onslow County Senior Services held an Elder Abuse Awareness Event on June 15, 2022. Senior citizens participated in a walk to bring attention to the cause. Kim Baker provided resources on Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention. Additional presentations were given by Onslow County Health Department, Onslow County Adult Protective Services, and Onslow County Paramedics.

Jones County held their Elder Abuse Awareness and Senior Fun Day on June 21, 2022. The Jones County Department of Social Services and the Jones County Senior Center partnered with community agencies to provide a fun filled day for our local seniors. Participants enjoyed a day of activities including games, nail care by Lenoir Community College, dance performances, horseback riding, and information on Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention. https://www.facebook.com/100064819773188/videos/725200215225394/


Colby Smith, and Angelia Pridgen attended the Wayne County Services on Aging Elder Abuse Awareness Symposium. Guest speakers included Detective Sgt. Kit Walston with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, Ashley Dawson and Tammy Lance with the Wayne County Department of Social Services, and Ann McNellis Elmore with the NC Department of Secretary of State. Mr. Walston gave a presentation on cases of fraud, scams, and exploitation. He discussed what to look for, how to avoid scams, and who to report to. Wayne County Department of Social Services presented on the types and signs of elder abuse, the role of Adult Protective Services, and how to file a report. Ms. Elmore discussed the tools to achieve what you want with investments, charities, cost savings and advance directives while avoiding problems and scams. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid02mnRUpCTQ79Zn8BwMd36bFwWPfeBYrjsFgbMyeXFJ9oCnxEW1XUbVutqF2uRHF4ikl&id=100064819773188


Angelia Pridgen attended the Greene County Senior Services Elder Abuse Awareness Health and Information Fair on June 15, 2022. Elder Abuse Awareness information was provided to participants who attended the event. Multiple Community partners participated in this event to provide resources and information on the areas that effect our elderly within in the community.

Greene County Department of Social Services also hosted a Health and Information fair focusing on Elder Abuse Awareness on June 24, 2022. January Brown and Angelia Pridgen participated in this event provided information on the AAA programs and elder abuse awareness and prevention. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid02jMYNzkr8WYfezbMMghxM3PL7cXS8bv5Hmz3Cqd3Uvcjw4LiYy8uyt3WnDn9mscPdl&id=100064819773188


If you or someone you know has experienced abuse, neglect, or exploitation, contact the Adult Protective Services at your local department of social services. You can also contact Eastern Carolina Council’s Ombudsman Program for assistance with reporting at 1-800-824-4648.


Pamlico – April 26th

Duplin May 4th

Lenoir June 15th

Duplin- June 15th

Wayne- June 22nd

Jones- June 21st

Greene- June 24th


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