Flood Victim Rebate Program

North Carolina Ground Water Association

Press Release – October 20, 2016

Flood Victim Rebate Program

In an effort to assist home owners that have been affected by the Hurricane Matthew, the NCGWA is offering a rebate program to home owners impacted through the storm.

A home owner of an occupied residence in need for well chlorination or disinfecting will be able to apply for a $100 rebate. $2500 has been allocated by the NCGWA for this program.

Once work has been completed, the homeowner will submit a paid invoice from a certified well contractor to the NCGWA office for processing of the rebate. Only one rebate per residence allowed. Rebate check will be forwarded to the homeowner once work has been completed.

“Bacterial contamination is to be expected in a flooded well, so disinfection of the well system after it has been pumped out and cleaned will be necessary, said Cliff Treyens, NGWA director of general public outreach. NGWA recommends that water well system professionals be used to assess and service the well.”

Well owners can search for a certified well contractor through the NCGWA www.ncgwa.org or http://www.wellcontractors.nc.gov/web/eh/find-contractor

For more information, call the NC Ground Water Association- 919-876-0687

The objectives of the NCGWA is to assist, promote, encourage and support the interests and welfare of the ground water industry in all of its phases generally and in particular within the State of North Carolina; to foster, aid and promote scientific education, standards, research, and techniques in order to improve methods of well construction and development, and to advance the science of ground water hydrology; to promote harmony and cooperation between the ground water industry and governmental and scientific agencies relative to the proper development, utilization and protection of underground water supplies; to encourage cooperation of all interested groups relative to the improvement of drilling and pumping equipment; to encourage, serve, assist and promote close cooperation with the National Ground Water Association; to collect, analyze, and disseminate to the public facts about the role of the ground water industry in the economy of the state of North Carolina and the nation; and to advance generally the mutual interests of all those engaged in the ground water industry, in their own and public interests.

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