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Purpose of RFP

The Eastern Carolina Council of Governments (ECC) invites the submittal to this Request for Proposals (RFP) from qualified firm(s) interested in providing legal services as Council Attorney.

Scope of Work

The ECC is seeking the firm/individual to provide legal counsel with issues facing the ECC and its various departments. In addition to providing legal representation for the Council’s boards, staff, and committees, the Council Attorney shall perform the following functions:

  1. Provide legal advice to ECC Boards, staff, and committees.
  2. Prepares for and attends the ECC Executive Committee and General Membership Board meetings.
  3. Performs legal research, fieldwork, and other work and communicates the results to the appropriate person.
  4. Upon direction of the Executive Director negotiates, reviews, and prepares contracts, agreements, and conveyances, such as service agreements, lease agreements, franchise agreements, easements, purchase contracts, and other legal documents on behalf of ECC.
  5. Reviews, analyzes, drafts, and revises policies, manuals, and other memoranda for ECC and it’s various departments to ensure they are coherent, enforceable, and consistent with State and Federal law; advises the Board, the Executive Director, and departments when revisions and changes need to be made.
  6. Researches, interprets, and applies laws, court decisions, and other legal authority in the preparation of opinions and briefs; prepares formal legal opinions upon request of the Council and/or the Executive Director.
  7. Analyzes legislation including proposed State and Federal legislation affecting the ECC.
  8. Performs other such duties as may be required by virtue of this position as Council Attorney and as directed by the Board and/or the Executive Director.

Submittal Requirements

Interested parties should submit the following items in packet form to ECC for consideration:

  1. Statement of qualifications and resources of the firm/individual, including governmental experience to include description of areas of expertise or relevant experience that may benefit ECC.
  2. Indication of ability to provide timely and efficient service to ECC, including a specification of how many hours per week could be devoted solely to ECC business.
  3. Suggested contractual terms to include hourly rates.
  4. Conflict of Interest – Any clients represented by the proposed firm that might create a potential conflict of interest should be disclosed.
  5. Other factors or information thought to be important to the ECC in considering the proposal.

Electronic submissions will be accepted; however, please provide this information in a single PDF file. The ECC will reply to confirm receipt of your e-mail proposal.

Additional Instructions, Notifications, and Information

Inquiries – Do not contact the Council to make inquiries about the progress of the selection process. Respondents will be contacted when it is appropriate to do so. Process inquiries may be directed to Katie Bordeaux, Executive Director at email below.

Cost of Responses – The ECC will not be responsible for the costs incurred by anyone in the submittal of responses.

Contract Negotiations – This RFP is not to be construed as a contract or as a commitment of any kind. If this RFP results in a contract offer by ECC, the specific scope of work, associated fees, and other contractual matters will be determined during contract negotiations with the Executive Director.

Submittal Instructions – The ECC will receive responses to this RFP at the address set forth below until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 28, 2020. RFP submissions should be directed to:

Katie Bordeaux

Executive Director

Eastern Carolina Council

PO Box 1717

New Bern, NC 28560

Phone: 252-638-3185

E-Mail: kbordeaux@eccog.org



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