Special Executive Committee Meeting – June 10, 2021

In accordance with Article X, Section 4 of the ByLaws of Eastern Carolina Council of Government, President Bender, do hereby calls a Special Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Eastern Carolina Council of Governments for Thursday, June 10 , 2021 at 6:30 PM. The stated purposes for this meeting are as follows:

  1. To vote on the recommendation of the President that the ECC retain outside legal counsel to sit with the Executive Committee during this meeting;
  2. To vote to reschedule the June 10 , 2021 General Membership meeting to another date;
  3. To take any action necessary to provide for the continuation of operation of the ECC, give that the budget may only be approved by the General membership
  4. To meet with the auditor in CLOSED SESSION in accordance with NCGS 143.-318.11(a)(3)

6.10.21 Agenda

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