Eastern North Carolina regional NC Senior Tar Heel delegates met at ECCAAA on July 6, 2022, discuss their legislative priorities that they will be submitting to the Senior Tar Heel Legislation. Priorities discussed included increasing Home Community Care Block Grant (HCCBG) funding based on the original 8 million that was requested in previous years, strengthen and increasing funds for APS’s, staff to patient rations in long term care facilities, transportation, caregiver stipends, financial assistance for long term care, visitation rights in long term care facilities, funding for the NC Senior Tar Heel to cover costs for meetings, and increasing funding for senior centers across the state. The NCSTHL General Session will be held in Raleigh on October 3, 2022, to vote to approve three to five top legislative priorities that have been submitted and reviewed for submission to the NC General Assembly. For further information on the NC Senior Tar Heel Legislation visit

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