September National Senior Center Month


September is National Senior Center month. The theme is “Senior Centers: The Key to Aging Well”. In their 2019 Program Guide, the National Institute of Senior Centers Best Practice Committee stated:

“This year’s theme was chosen to highlight how senior centers have the knowledge, programming, and resources to make a difference in people’s lives—the virtual key to unlocking the components that will give an individual the opportunity to age well. Aging well means different things to different people. For some, aging well means Growing. They want to understand other cultures, meditate, and develop a more spiritual life or practice gratitude daily through journaling. Others see aging well as having time to devote to Learning, whether it is a new language, tap dancing, or taking up pickleball, a popular recreation sport. Others see their most important work as Connecting to family, old friends, and growing new relationships. And some see Giving back at the senior center and within the community as the thing that fosters purpose and a more meaningful life. But most people want to incorporate a little of all the above while they are on their journey to reach their full potential. Senior centers hold the key to enhancing all these varied experiences that are fundamental to aging well.”

Senior Centers are a critical partner in a community’s ability to remove social isolation and to help citizens age well by encouraging older adults to remain active. If you are not familiar with your senior center, now is a perfect time to get to know them and explore ways to create a community where everyone ages well together.

For more information on senior centers or where to find one in your community, feel free to contact any ECC-AAA team member.


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