Thriving at Home – a Success Story

Thriving at Home – a Success Story

Mrs. R. suffered a serious stroke in early 2018 which left her paralyzed on one side of her body. She completed her rehabilitation but was unable to return home because her needs were more than her 80-year-old husband could manage. Life in a nursing home can be tough, for both the resident and the family.

Then, in late 2018, the family contacted Money Follows the Person (MFP). The Transition Coordinator, who is a staff member with ECC, sat down with the resident, her family, the nursing home social worker, a counselor from the Division of Vocational Rehab’s Independent Living section, and the Case Manager with the Community Alternatives (CAP/DA) program to talk about the feasibility of Mrs. R. going home with services in the community to help her and her family provide the care she needs in the home setting.

At this time, Mrs. R. was not able to get out of bed without the help of a device called a “Hoyer Lift,” or move around on her own in her wheelchair without assistance. She needed help setting up her meals. She needed help with all her personal care.

However, with careful planning, the MFP program, with the help of the team, was able to arrange and provide the daily assistance of a home care aide, medical equipment and adaptive devices, and all the supplies needed to help Mrs. R. return home. On May 30th of this year, she left the facility in her husband’s modified van and settled in to her own room at home. She received physical therapy at home which, after only 3 months, has given her the ability to sit up unaided in bed, and to transfer to her wheelchair without the use of the Hoyer lift. She’s strong enough now to bear weight on her unaffected side, giving her more independence. She can use her unaffected leg to propel herself throughout her home with little or no assistance.

MFP gives eligible nursing home residents the chance to explore going home, and provides a case manager to help them consider options, get connected with and navigate resources, and find a better quality of life in a setting of their choice.

Even with the added responsibility of providing some personal care to his wife, Mr. R. states that he’s grateful to have her at home, where she’s happy, and where he can rest easy that she’s getting the best care and support available.

If you know someone in a nursing home who might like to explore options for returning home, please contact Andi Reese, Aging Programs Consultant at ECC at 252-638-3185 ext. 3015 or


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